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4 Driving Faults That Should Not Be Left Unchecked

If your driving isn’t quite up to scratch, you may be making some of the following four mistakes. If you are, it’s time to fix them. Let’s take a look at these and see how they can easily ruin a shot.

Reaching the incorrect low point

Determining the low point of a drive is not as easy as with other golf shots. You are standing far from the ball and your club is too long to really establish a low point accurately. A simple exercise you can perform to ensure the correct low point is to imagine a straight line between you and the golf ball. Step your left foot over that imaginary line (so that there are about 2 inches between the inside of your left foot and the line). From this position, your swing will reach the correct low point every time.

Jerking the knees straight

Some golfers seem to think that by straightening their knees on the swing, they will gain more height for the shot. This is not true. All you are doing is compromising the perfect address you had to begin with. Keep your knees bent and steady. Your waist and torso will do the moving; the knees should remain stable.

Incorrect body movement

When you drive the ball, your body should move in a turn-like motion. What many golfers display is more of a jerky twist action which invariably messes up the shot. If you bend, swerve or twist your body sideways, you won’t put a decent amount of power behind your ball. The correct motion to follow is for your upper body and feet to turn in conjunction with each other. As your torso turns, your weight will move from the right to the left of your body. This correct movement also ensures a straight swing.

Tee and ground confusion

Players often fail to see the difference between driving a ball that’s on a tee, and driving a ball that’s on the ground. If you are teeing off, you should be addressing the ball with the driver’s toe facing the ball. However, if the ball is on the ground, the driver’s sweet spot should be facing the ball. Never start your tee-off address with the ball opposite the sweet spot. Move back slightly and you will connect the ball correctly when you swing.

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