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How To Hire A Good Golf Instructor: Basic Advice

If you love golf and want to be good at it, you should spend more on your lessons than your club sets. A handy club set will cost you around 200 Dollars so why go for an expensive one, you can always spend that saved money on golf lessons and become a pro. Amateurs usually like fancy clubs and they do not care about the game which is a silly move. Amateurs should be the first in row for a Golf Instructor. The real problem is that, they do not know, how to choose a Golf Instructor. Here is basic advice about that.


  1. Accreditation
  2. PGA is an association of Pro Golfers. It stands for Professional Golf Association. Almost all the golf courses have a qualified PGA instructor. PGA issues a license as a proof that, this person is a Pro. Usually Pros become instructors. If you want an instructor, your first priority should be a PGA qualified instructor.

  3. 3 Years certification
  4. The PGA approved instructors go through a 3 years training program. After 3 years of Golf under the eye of qualified golfers, they are certified and they can officially be Golf Instructors then. They go through training sessions for years if their performance is unsatisfactory and once they become good at it, they are certified and then they enter the market of Golf Instructors.

  5. Search for an Instructor
  6. If you are unable to find a PGA certified instructor in your own area, you should visit any adjacent city or even another country if need be. You always have the option to visit local golf courses because almost all of them have PGA approved instructors. There are a lot of areas where Golfers can go and practice their game but those are just the driving ranges and not real Golf courses. You should take your training in the golf course from a professional, PGA certified instructor as it is different on the course than an open ground with no rules and limitations.

  7. Online Help
  8. If you are unable to find an instructor in your area, you can always go for online instructors. You can visit different websites to find an instructor in your area. You can also take online lessons from expert instructors which can be helpful but not as much as the practical training will be. You can also find the lists of the names of the PGA certified instructors on the internet.

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