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Balaia Golf Club In Portugal: What You Need To Know

The minute you set foot in Faro that has the only international airport in Algarve, your incredible journey begins. Visiting the Algarve region you get an opportunity to play on some of the finest courses in the continent. Although you don’t get much time to acclimatize to the weather and course conditions, you can begin the journey by playing on a smaller, more compact course like the Balaia Golf Club. So, what are things you need to know about this course?

  • To make your visit to Albufeira memorable, start your golf trip from the Balaia Golf Club. This 9-hole course is the perfect place for budding golfers and young kids to first-hand experience the game on the course.

  • One of the reasons golf enthusiasts pick the Algarve region for their vacation is the warm weather and stunning sceneries of the mountains, forests, and waters. The Balaia Golf Club is no different. The course is designed in a way to offer the most spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

  • Balaia Golf Clubs was opened to the public in 2001 and interestingly it gained the reputation of being a popular par-3 course pretty soon. Data shows that one in every three guests to this course is a repeat visitor, that’s a huge percentage when you consider the presence of other famous courses nearby.

  • Part of the reason a large number of golfers visit this course is because of the course design. Compared to others the Balaia is a fairly small golf course with the size of the holes ranging from 58m to 160m. The architect of the course has made the best use of the small size to create a very challenging and testing course.

  • The Balaia Golf Club is the ideal ground for experienced golfers to test their short game skills. They also get to practice various shots such as the putt, the chip, and the pitch. Among the golfers, the Balaia is referred to as the Executive Course. This title is indicative of the nature of the course and the challenges it poses for the experienced golfers.

  • The service at the club is excellent. The rental golf clubs are of excellent quality and the staff at the Balaia is very friendly and eager to help.

  • The course starts with a very picturesque first hole; you get a clear view of the entire course along with the beautiful sight of the sea as its backdrop. Located close to the first hole is the clubhouse with relaxing lounge area and spacious changing rooms.

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