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Interesting Facts On How To Achieve A Perfect Putting Contact

How well you strike the ball with the putter determines the ball’s behavior after contact. The chance of error at the point of impact is low in the case of a putter, compared to other shots with full swing. Nonetheless, minor differences in contact can have a big influence on the outcome of the stroke.

We can witness a perfect putter shot when the center point of the ball’s equator comes into contact with the sweet spot in the putter club. Observe the putter club of an average player with some experience. You’ll notice a cluster of contact marks scattered both vertically and horizontally near the center of the putter.

Choose the putter wisely

High-handicappers on most occasions need three strokes to get the ball into the hole. One of the key reasons for this might be the not so perfect contact with the ball. When you don’t make good contact the distance and direction suffer.

Low-handicappers and professional golfers are technically sound. To overcome the technical inadequacies of beginners and high-handicappers putter manufacturers have started investing on putter designs. New putter designs with adjusted weight distribution will counterbalance the minor errors that golfers make during the shot. Specially designed putters with greater forgiveness for high-handicappers will ensure perfect contact with the ball.

Use putter training aids

Golfers develop perfect putter contact with time and practice. You need to spend long hours on the practice green to get perfect contact consistently. Most golf enthusiasts are short on time and they need help to make the best use of the available time. Luckily, there are many putter training aids and tools that help players work on every aspect of the game, including putting. Go online or visit the pro shop to search for putter training tools that help you improve putter contact.

Putter training tools come in many forms. You can either use a specially made putter to work on your technique or use modified golf balls to perfect the shot. Certain putter aids will help you work on the setup, stance, and body posture.

Golfers first need to understand and analyze their putt stroke then work on the changes and adjustments that are necessary to perfect contact. Instead of buying a special putting club, golfers can choose aids that can be attached to their putter. The attachment uses sensors to gather data when the golfer plays the putt and transfers the data to an app or device that would interpret the data and offer suggestions for improvement.

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