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Dummies Guide To Booking Golf Tee Times In Vilamoura

Vilamoura is one of the most popular destinations in Algarve region of Portugal to enjoy a good golf vacation. The excellent courses and good accommodation options along with the stunning landscapes make it perfect for any golf break. If you are planning a golf break here and want to get the best possible offers on tee times, follow the below steps.

Pre-book your rounds

Whether you are a tourist or local, make sure that you book your golf rounds in advance so that you can get 20 per cent off on all your rounds. Tee times always have special rates and you can get more rounds for less amount of money and save a lot. You can book these tee times either online or by calling up the different courses and resorts.

Book over the July to September period

The best time to book tee times are over the July to September period where you get summer special rates as well as a golf buggy to transport you to the course. These special tee times may be applicable for two members so you can take your family member or buddy along.

Peak season

If you want to play during the peak seasons of March, April and October, you should book well in advance as the rates during these seasons are the highest. You may have to shell out a lot for the tee times at Vilamoura during these seasons.

Book for groups

If you have come with a large group and want to play together on a course, you should make sure that you book for the entire group in advance. Go online and find the places that have the best offers for large groups and good tee times so that you can get the slot of your choice. Some courses may also let you book the entire course during that time just for you and your group.

Pick the course that you want

If you want a good tee time on a course in Vilamoura, make sure that you pick one that matches your skills or abilities. Picking a course which is too challenging for you is a waste of a good tee time booking. Try out some newer courses like the Victoria course that may also have better rates and fresh challenges for you. Try booking a resort or course that has a school where you can always hone your skills before you start your tee time.

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