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5 Essentials Of Organizing A Group Golf Vacation In Portugal

Perhaps you always wanted to play on the wonderful golf courses in Portugal; the time to realize your dreams has just arrived. Perhaps your excitement has doubled because you’re finally going to visit Portugal with a large group. To have an experience of a lifetime with your golf buddies, the vacation must be well organized. How to do that? Don’t worry; we’ll share the 5 essentials of organizing a group golf vacation in Portugal.

Number of Members

A solo golf trip is easy. Actually, there isn’t much of organizing to do for a solo trip. In contrast, the steps involved in organizing a group vacation are many and complex. The first thing you’ve to decide is who are all in the team or group that’s to travel to Portugal. Are you going with your family or is it a fun golf tour with your friends? There aren’t any set rules for group golf vacation planning; you’ve to organize differently for each type of group. Also, remember that if there are too many members in the group, for the sake of easy planning and management, divide them into smaller sets – 4-5 members in each set – and start organizing the golf holiday.

Duration of Vacation

The next essential point to consider while organizing is the duration of your vacation. Every person wants to put their work aside and take a long golf holiday with family or friends. Sadly, that’s not at all possible. The responsibility of work and money, in most cases, would curtail your holiday duration to a week or two, at best. Portugal has so much to offer for golf travelers, so make sure you stay in Portugal for at least a week.

When to Visit

Portugal is a place that opens its arms and welcomes golf travelers throughout the year. Except for a brief interlude in winter you’ll find Portugal teeming with golfers throughout the year. While it’s true that golf can be played at any time of the year in Portugal, it’s best you time your vacation right. During the peak season the air tickets, golf courses, and resorts will all be fully booked or very busy. There is also a good chance that seeing the demand during the peak season the management of hotels and courses jack up the prices. Each season has its own pros and cons, so think well before you decide when to visit Portugal.

Start Booking

Now begins the tough part. It’s time to research the various services and start the booking process. There are two ways to proceed with the booking process. You can either do it yourself or avail the services of a tour operator. There are plenty of operators who would do all the hard work – everything from air tickets and hiring vehicles to reserving tee times on golf courses. Make sure you choose an operator of excellent repute.

What to Pack

Finally, the essentials you need to pack for your golf vacation. Actually, we won’t tell you what to take and what not to, but for a golf trip there are some essentials that are needed to be in your bag. There are scores of articles on the internet dedicated to this topic. Read some of them and make a list of things to pack for your golf vacation in Portugal.

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