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5 Golf Shots You Should Add To Your Arsenal

Most players have always had to learn this the hard way, but you do not need to go through that. There are a number of golf shots that you need to perfect in order for you to get a good chance at mastering the game. Different trainers will take you through these shots one at a time, in an attempt to ensure that you get to learn how to be the best at your game. We will discuss some 5 of the most important shots that you have to practice and perfect if you are to get your game to the level you desire.

  • The approach
  • The approach is a shot that is hit to the green from the fairway. In order for you to make this shot appropriately, you have to use the right iron so that you can get some good distance on the shot.

  • The chip
  • Naturally, the chip is often played as close as possible to the green. When making this shot you do not necessarily need a full swing on the shot. For this reason therefore you can use a pitching wedge, 9 iron, 8, 7 or 6 iron. In most cases, the chip is useful to get you out of a hazard, for a distance layup or for a short approach.

  • The draw
  • This is a shot you make, curving the ball from right to left, and is normally performed by right handed players. You need to remember that this is a shot perfected mostly by skilled players. A shot that unintentionally draws, or has lots of draws is normally referred to as the Hook.

  • The Drive
  • In a few instances, a drive can be taken from the fairway. However, this is a shot that normally gets hit from the tee. The aim of taking a drive is to get the ball as far as possible over the green as you can.

    When playing the drive, most beginner players and amateurs are able to make on the higher side 250 yards off their shot. However, professional players have been known to strike more than 300 yards on the drive.

  • The fat shot
  • This shot happens when you hit the ground with the club before hitting the ball, and in the process you take a dig at the turf, and in the process taking some power from your shot.

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