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5 Key Tips To Help You Maintain Consistency In Golf

Maintaining consistency in golf is important. Every so often it helps to review your play ability and see where improvements are needed. There are things you can do well and you want to maintain these actions as well. Being consistent on the green is important since it can affect play ability and the score you receive. This is something to consider even for those with handicaps. For the most part, there are simple actions you can take to encourage consistent play including the following 5 tips:

  1. Have good physical fitness and exercise regularly. This can be light with 30 minutes of brisk walking to using hand weights 5 pounds or less. There is a wide variety of exercises to consider recommended for golfers to consider. When online seek exercise tips for golfers. View videos and read articles on ways you can exercise throughout the year. There are plenty of options to do at home, in the office, or on the golf course

  2. Work with an instructor to improve any flaws in your play. Work on areas such as your swing tempo, alignment, grip, swing plane, etc. Working with someone can give your game an advantage since someone can spot your errors and help you correct them on the spot. This is also a time to ask for an opinion on how to improve your game to develop consistency you can maintain.

  3. Define the best swing for your ability (ideal golf swing). What is your most comfortable way you swing your iron for many shots? An idea golf swing is something many players have to ensure their strokes are consistent. It also helps measure personal strength.

  4. Work on elements of your swing such as transitioning, rhythm, evenness, and smoothness. The swing action has many components to consider that make up the stroke. Depending on the play these elements may vary in how they should result, but practicing your swing can help in controlling the ball, distance, and keeping your game consistent.

  5. Establish a routine to help you practice and warm-up before play. Having something you do to help you warm up regularly can encourage your play to be consistent. Think about elements of your game you need to practice and want to keep sharp. Warming up helps the body adjust to play while reducing risk of injury.

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