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5 Forearm Strength Exercises Every Golfer Should Try

Why You Should Develop Your Forearms

Forearm strength is very important in golf for many reasons:

  • You might need to hack your ball out of very long rough
  • Forearm strength will increase your power off the tee
  • It will enable you to control the clubhead better so that you are straighter off the tee and the fairways

Now you don't have to have the forearms of a bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but strength in your forearms will make a big difference to game and it will also make you look good for the girls on the course.

The Exercises

Here are five forearm strength exercises that every golfer should try to give them those forearms of steel and no, I'm not going to talk about eating spinach like Popeye:

  1. You can try handgrips. They are cheap and you can buy them with various degrees of resistance so you can build yourself up. The best thing about training with handgrips is that you can use them while you are doing something less productive like watching TV or listening to music. Training in this way takes no extra time.
  2. If you don't have the handgrips, the budget option is to use a tennis ball. I'm sure you can find a tennis ball lying around your house - maybe from that kid next door that knocked the ball over into your garden. Squeeze the tennis ball while you are doing something that doesn't require your full attention, like listening to music, and this will get your wrist muscles and your forearms stronger in no time.
  3. Try this exercise: hold a golf club with both hands split on the shaft. Hold the club in front of you with your palms facing down towards the ground. Next, curl the club by flexing your wrists downward, then bring the club back up to where it began. To finish the repetition, bend your wrist backwards towards you. Do this exercise for a few repetitions and you will get your wrists and forearms strong.
  4. Another exercise you can do you is to swing a weighted club. A weighted club is one with a very heavy head. Sometimes, what the professionals do is pour lead into the clubhead to make the club heavier. If you don't have this option, just grab two clubs with your normal grip and swing them together at the same time. This will simulate the effect of a weighted club and will make your forearm stronger.
  5. The last exercise you can do to strengthen your forearms is to swing the club in the long rough out on the course. Do this in the long grass down the side of the fairway without a ball. The greens keeper will thank you for helping him trim the rough.

Try any one of the above exercises and you drives will soon be over 300 yards.

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