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The Most Effective Methods To Escape A Greenside Bunker

There are different approaches to consider when obtaining favorable results for greenside bunker shots. These types of plays have more challenges since the ball is played from a unique spot. The key is to understand the best way you can play it based on your abilities. There are a few steps to consider that are easy to adopt and make into your own winning technique. Here are some pointers to help you see favorable results when playing a greenside bunker.

  • Keep feet in sand deep for good balance and use lofted club. Before you play the shot be sure you have the right club in hand. This can make a difference when making contact with the ball. When you place your feet in the sand make sure you have good balance. This will allow for a smoother swing motion when you use your club. The right club makes a difference and using a loft club can help get the ball in the air easier.
  • Make your target open. Aim for area near your intended target to keep your shot realistic. This means you can create an imaginary circle around your target and work to get the ball inside this circle. You are trying to make it easier to make the shot when you play the ball again. Try to get the ball close as possible to your target within reason.
  • Your front foot should have more weight. Your front foot also plays a role in helping you obtain good balance and control as you swing. These elements can help you get the ball up and out without too much straining on other areas of the body.
  • Roughly 2 inches behind the ball aim to make contact. This is when you should make a splash in the sand or bunker to hit the ball. Work to hit sand before the ball but not taking too much sand. This is the effect you often see when players hit the ball out of the sand. If you take up too much sand you may have ended up coming in to far away from the ball.
  • Move toward your target and accelerate as you swing through (similar to a flop shot). This move is self-explanatory but it helps you properly follow through with your swing shot. This also gives you a good back and upward swing.

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