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Free Golf Tips on How to Control the Height of Your Drives

On many occasions, a lot of golfers think only about the distance to the hole, but forget about controlling the ball in the air. Yes, the real excitement lies in hitting the ball right out of the middle of your club into the air, a perfect shot can be achieved only if you can be able to control the ball in the air. Once you master the art of controlling the ball in the air, the game of golf may seem simple to you.

There are only two main aspects that need to be controlled while the ball is in the air. The ball curving on both sides and the trajectory of the ball in the air. The following tips provided below will help you gain complete control over the height of your drives.

Ball Rotation Rate

Once you make a flashing drive, the trajectory of the ball is determined by the amount of backspin provided to the shot. So if you need a high or low trajectory of the ball, all depends on the backspin. So for a higher trajectory, you need to provide more backspin to the ball, so that it flies higher. Whereas for a low trajectory, the amount of backspin should be less. So how do one control the back spin? It can be controlled by the amount of swing you give to the shot. The more the swing, the more the backspin and hence sends the ball higher into the air and vice versa.

Your Stance

The position where you stand also matters for the high trajectory of the ball. If you stay close to the ball, you are providing a steep angle to the ball with your backswing. So to control your height while you drive, try to stand a tad backward, so that the angle will be shallow and flat.

Use Correct Equipment

If you’ve a club head with a speed of about 100 mph, then you obviously tend to get ballooning drives. You can experiment with different equipment’s to see which one suits your need and also clubs with lower speed club heads.

Hitting a Teed Higher

If you tee the ball lower, it generates a lot of backspin and that makes the ball flying in the air with a high trajectory. So to control the height of your drives, you need to hit the ball on the upper half, so that a flat and shallow angle is created.

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