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Swing Weight Distribution: 5 Essential Tips For Golfers

Weight distribution in golf is something that you might have come across from time to time. You probably have heard a lot of people talk about weight distribution in golf, and how important it is to their game. Well, do not take this for granted, because it is also important to your game too. There are so many players who have in the past come to learn so much about how to distribute their weight when playing, and truly, this has helped them improve on their game.

In the event that you want to learn how to distribute your weight when playing, or how to improve at it, consider learning from the tips that we will discuss herein, and you should not have much to worry about again:

  • Choose the right club
  • Learn to strike the ball properly
  • Focus on the position of the ball
  • Stance management
  • Practice

Choose the right club

The club that you choose for this game is supposed to be one that you can handle properly. If you have a really light or a rather heavier club for you to use, however much you try to master your weight distribution, you will always have a difficult time with the results.

Learn to strike the ball properly

The perfect swing is important for you to get a good game. Once again if you do not know how to swing properly, you will end up struggling with weight distribution. Remember that weight distribution and your swing combine together to give you proper results.

Focus on the position of the ball

You must work on the hand – eye coordination so that you know where the ball is, and where you want to send it. These are two important things that you cannot ignore, and you will be able to learn the best tips for weight management.

Stance management

Take a good stance, make sure that you know how to do this. A good stance effectively allows you to get the perfect balance when you are playing. The importance of balance is something that we cannot ignore at this juncture, but a good reminder that you must keep your feet on the ground.


Do lots of practice. There is nothing more important than this, do lots of practice. You cannot wake up one morning and know how to distribute your weight effectively. You have to practice.

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