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Golf Tours In Lagos: 5 Quick Tips From Seasoned Players

Lagos is one of the ideal destinations in Portugal for any golf break as it has a number of good golf courses like the Palmares, Espiche and Boavista golf courses. These courses test your golf skills to the core and let you learn new and improved golf techniques. There are also a number of good resorts where you can stay, that are all located near the beach and the Marina as well. Going on a golf tour in this beautiful town is magical but you must also know some tips from experts before you go ahead:

  • Don’t give up in the first instance
  • When you go on a golf tour in Lagos, make sure that you don’t give up as soon as your first game goes kaput. Often at the start of a golf tour, it may be hard to adjust to the courses like the Palmares and Boavista course but often if you keep at it, you will be able to master the course within no time. Keep trying and use different clubs and stances to make sure you are getting the right shot.

  • Practice first
  • Ideally you should play on the smaller courses first or just head on over to the practice area of the Boavista course to get the right feel. You don’t want to start your tour on a bad note and impressing people in the first round itself will give you also immense confidence.

  • Switch Quick rounds off
  • You can switch off the Quick Rounds feature in most tours that only selects certain challenging holes and avoids the rest. You are not able to practice properly on the other holes and thus are not equipped to handle all kinds of shots. You must play all kinds of holes on the courses.

  • Visualize the shot
  • When taking the shot in your tour, you must clearly see it and aim for that. Don’t aim towards the right or left and think it will curve. You must create a set target line and then strike the ball towards that .

  • Keep your nerves in order
  • The main thing is not to get nervous and play the shots, as you would normally do so on your home grounds. Don’t try anything too fancy as well or you may end up sending the ball somewhere else in the process or it may get wedged in the sand.

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