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How To Aim With A Putter – 4 Fundamental Golf Tips

Practice like a Pro

If you have just begun to play the game of golf, you must learn the techniques of hitting the putt shot so that the ball reaches the target line accurately.

Address Setup

Firstly, you must aim at the starting line of the putt shot. You can place tee pegs at a distance of 15 feet from the starting line. Once, you learn to aim accurately at the starting line, you should fix a reward for yourself each time the ball crosses the target line. You have to stand away from the golf ball at a distance equal to that of the ball from the target line.


Draw two long lines from the ball position in order to help you adopt a wider stance when you prepare to hit the putt shot. It helps you affix your focus on the target line. You must remember when you are taking the backswing that the long lines should align with the face of the iron club at a perpendicular height. Official rules of the game allow a player to draw these lines before the start of any game. Ideally, you should draw these lines ten minutes before the game starts.

Practice at the greens

Putt reading refers to the analysis of the course layout including the texture of the terrain as well as the drainage system at the golf greens. An assessment of the undulating fairways will give you information about 100 or 150 yards of the golf course. You can also identify the natural obstacles such as the cliffs, wild trees, tall buildings, or clubhouse that may hamper the putt shot. Natural water bodies such as ponds and lakes give a clear idea about the water hazards present on the golf course. Moreover, the natural greens will help the golf ball roll down the sloping curves quickly.

It is a difficult task to read the golf green accurately. You must analyze the slope of the course in order to identify the right speed that matches your skill level.

Daily Routine

You may have mastered your tee shots perfectly. However, hitting a perfect putt shot requires practice and determination. Maintain a daily routine of practice shots that you will focus on every day. In addition, rehearse your backswing and downswing in order to hit the perfect putt shot. You should also practice the basic golf shots before starting a professional tournament.

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