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The Secret To Having A Perfect Golf Stance Off The Tee

A well played hole starts with an effective drive, but hitting a long and accurate drive isn’t easy. There are multiple factors involved in a solid drive; it starts with the proper tee setup, stance, and ends in a complete follow-through of the golf club. The foundation of any drive is the stance you adopt at setup. If you get the stance right, half the work is done. So, what’s the secret of a perfect golf stance?

It starts with the feet

A good drive is a cumulative effort of many small elements and proper foot positioning is one of them. This is the first step to take to achieve a perfect stance. Approach the ball and assume a stance in which the feet are shoulder width apart. Initially, your body weight should be equally distributed on both the feet. Place the ball slightly closer to your leading foot and align the body to play the ball on the upswing. Hitting the ball on the upswing will help cover distance with the drive. Practice with this feet and ball position at the driving range; you can also move the ball an inch or two back or forward to experiment with the swing.

Have a relaxed grip on the club

Still, some players hold the view that if the club is gripped tightly it’s possible to generate more power. That’s a myth; actually the total opposite will happen. Having a tense, tight grip will cost you both distance and accuracy. The proper method to grip a club is to hold it in a relaxed manner. You should be able to turn the club when necessary; that’s only possible with a relaxed grip.

Check the alignment

When you’re playing a golf stroke off the tee it’s important to have a square stance (i.e.) the body must be square to the target. When you’ve assumed the stance your shoulders and feet, and the target line, must be parallel to each other. To find out whether you’re properly aligned square to the target, place a golf club along your feet in such a way that the toes touch the club. Similarly, place a club on the target line. If both are parallel to each other, then you’re aligned right.

Proper knee flex

The final step of the stance is to bend the knee slightly forward and push your butt slightly back. You should be relaxed and comfortable with the position. You’ve managed to assume a perfect stance, now master the swing technique and start driving the ball off the tee.

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