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Golfing In The Wind: Iron Play Secrets From The Pros 

Professional golfers are just normal people like you and I. However, when they get to the green, they kick out the normal and bring on the legends in them. This is what makes them become as successful as they have been over the years. However, there is so much more to their game play than status, one of the most important things that defines their success is attention to detail. These players pay attention to every single element of the game, and succeed in the process.

One of the common things that you might have noticed when playing is the fact that the wind constantly is a feature that you have to take into consideration. Most beginner players will tend to struggle playing against the wind, or in the wind for that matter, because perhaps they just haven’t quite figured out what needs to be done to ace this task.

The following are some professional tips that will help you learn to play perfectly especially in the wind, and this will also help you a great deal as you continue to enjoy your time on the green:

  • Study the nature of the wind
  • Swing at the opportune moment
  • Weight management
  • Ride the wind

Study the nature of the wind

Before you are able to play in the wind, it is important that you take some time and study the wind. This allows you to know what type of wind you are playing against, and how it will affect the nature and style of your play.

Swing at the opportune moment

Do not just swing because you think you are ready. Make sure that you swing when the wind has this cool breeze about it. The challenge most players have is hitting the ball hard into the headwinds, in the hope that it will help compensate for the wind effect, while this only makes things difficult.

Weight management

Before hitting the ball, move back in your stance a bit. This will allow you the chance to make sure that you are able to hit down on the ball a bit. You will also get a lower ball flight and less loft.

Ride the wind

You do not always have to fight the wind. At times you just need to let it ride and ease through it. This is also why you should consider studying the wind.

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