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An Overview of Must-Play Links Golf Courses in Portugal

Portugal is the Hub of Golf Courses and is known for its historic courses. Lisbon being the second oldest capital of the world, has many old Golf Courses which are Links Golf Courses. Basically, Links is a word from Scottish Language and it means “Rising Ground”. So it refers to the golf courses like parklands or the ones on coastal sides. The first Links Golf Course was introduced in the Great Britain. Links Golf courses are known for their classic gameplay and many golfers who like classic stuff, still go for such Golf Courses. Here is a little description of the few of the famous Links Golf Courses of Portugal.

The Palacio Estoril Golf and Spa Resort

It is located in the center of the famous city of Estoril and is always attracting customers from around the Globe. It is one of the most attractive Golf Locations in the whole continent of Europe. It is nearer to a beach which is at a distance of 5 minute walk from the hotel and adding more to its value is the Famous Casino which is also at a walking distance. The Hotel offers its own Golf course which is a Links Golf Course and is at a distance of 25 Kilometers from the Lisbon Airport.

Hotel Vila Gale Estoril

It is located near the Linha do Estoril and is at a 2 minute walk from the sea which makes it worth a trip as it has a beach for spending time. It also gives you the perk of enjoying games in the Casino of Estoril which lies next to it. It lies at a distance of 5 kilometers from the city of Cascais and 20 kilometers from the Portuguese Capital, Lisbon.

Vila Gale Cascais Hotel

This hotel lies at a little height with a sea lying next to it at a lower level and you can always enjoy the view of the see while in this Hotel. The Hotel is at a 5 minute walk from the Portuguese Illustration Town.

Sana Lisbon Hotel

It lies right in the center of the great city of Lisbon which survived a dangerous earthquake about a century ago. The Hotel offers its own Golf courses which are Links Golf Courses as they lie in second Oldest Capital of the world. The courses are classic just like the city and are always welcoming customers from different countries on the Globe.

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