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Helpful Tips For Golf Players: How To Cure The Hook

A hook shot in golf is a poorly hit ball that takes a hard left curve. Hook refers to the ball flight or trajectory, in which, the golf ball begins to the right, but it curves severely to the left. The target is obviously missed. In other words, hook is just opposite to the slice. For amateur golfers, hook is simply a bane. A hook may be a result of closed face of club, or bringing the upper body in rotation too quickly.

Clubface at the impact

Whether the hook is severe or subtle, it is caused because of a closed clubface, which happens because of the premature rotation of wrists. The lower thumb turns over quite soon even before the clubface comes in touch with the ground or ball. This may happen just because you rotate your wrists over very soon, and do not follow through using your hands in the direction of target. In an extremely severe instance, you might open your hips very soon.

How to cure the hook

You need to ensure that your wrists and hands are in proper position at the time of impact with the ground or ball. You need to be doubly sure that your wrists do not turn over too very soon. Chipping practice can help you in doing this. Take a 7 or 8 Iron and begin by taking the normal chipping motion or swing. Practice with the same club so that you can straighten your ball trajectory.

You need to focus on your weight and body shift. While handling the same club, attempt to do a full swing. If you still happen to hook your ball, you might be leading the swing with your hands, in place of your legs and hands. Your hands might be arriving through on the downswing very soon, rather than letting the legs and hips lead the path.

The drill

You can correct this drill with the help of a drill. Take an extremely delayed backswing, and exaggerate your motion as much as you can. Now, stop at the summit of your backswing. By doing this drill, you can make sure that your legs and hips lead your backswing, and your arms and hands will naturally follow. You need to practice this backswing many a times. You can begin with the half swing initially, and ensure that the wrists remain straight and they do not turn over extremely early before they touch the ground or ball.

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