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The Simple Way To Increase Your Clubhead Speed

It’s every golfer’s dream to have a long drive and to do it consistently. But, many struggle with it. The reason is that even some smart golfers confuse a hard-hitting swing with a fast swing. Your aim should be to develop a hard-hit swing that’s well-controlled, perfectly timed, and very effective.

I’m sure you might have tried the fast technique – swinging the iron with all your might, with the heart, soul, and the whole body into it, trying to speed up the entire swing. But the result – a disappointing 70 yard slice. Why not try the simple technique given below to increase your clubhead speed. Here are 3 simple steps to find the acceleration.

Getting the grip right

Get the basics right by developing a proper hold. Though, this isn’t as easy as you might think, learning to grip a golf club correctly will solve most of your problems relating to hooks, slices, and of course club speed. With your left hand, hold the club in a way so that the shape ‘V’ formed by the index finger and thumb is pointed in the direction of your right shoulder. Get the right hand on the club. This time too, the ‘V’ of the index finger and right thumb must face the right-hand shoulder. The grip shouldn’t be tense, lighten the pressure by relaxing your arms and hands. Remember: Always use your finger, and not the palm to hold the club.

With this perfect hold, you’ll be able to release the iron at the opportune time, so the club achieves the highest speed during the time of impact.

Develop proper hip movement

For a great swing that can maximize clubhead speed a proper hip movement with the subtle weight shift and coxa rotation is essential.

The initial movement of the drive, where the player makes a full shoulder turn and body twist, should originate from the hip. In case of a right-handed golfer, first move the left hip towards the ball and continue till it clears the left side. This hip turn will free the arms and hands to take a powerful swing down through the ball.

Work on the swing

Observe how pro-golfers pace their swing. For a split second it’ll look like their swing down is slow, but actually their clubhead speed is 20-25 mph faster than amateurs. That’s because they understand how to pace the swing and generate maximum speed at the right time, that being, at the end of the drive, the point of impact.

The power drive

We have covered the basics, learnt the right way to grip, proper hip movement, and how to pace the swing. Now let’s put the knowledge into action.

  • Take a slow back swing, and once the hip is in the right place, curb the hip turn and hinge your wrists.
  • When the shaft of your iron is at right angles to your left arm unhinge your wrists.
  • At this point, your chin must be directly above the left shoulder.
  • With your hip locked in place, coil the upper body. It’ll help you generate club speed when the iron comes down.
  • Initiate the downswing by turning the hip towards the ball.
  • Finally, recoil the upper body, bring the club down and whip though the target.

Now, when you release the club at the time of impact you can be sure of generating serious clubhead speed.

Oh, totally forgot to mention. Use a speed gun/radar to measure the clubhead speed.

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