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Essential Advice On How To Purchase Used Golf Clubs

Golfers with a modest budget must consider purchasing used golf clubs. Whether you enjoy a weekly golf session, play golf after three weekends, or wish to learn golf; you can certainly make the most of your budget by buying used golf equipment. Golf is indeed an expensive sport, and it makes sense to save some money when you know that your golf clubs are going to spend most of their time in garage. You may feel tempted to buy the flashiest golf clubs, but you have to be realistic regarding the equipment cost and the time for which you will use it. If you know what to look for, you can buy the right thing even from scrap.

Check clubheads

If a golf club is used too much, it will have a glossy worn spot in the middle of clubhead. These kinds of clubs are not good to buy since they cannot hold a ball properly. You need to look that the grooves of the clubhead have sharp edges. Do not buy golf clubs that have indentations in clubface because they affect the flight of the ball. While looking for woods, especially the ones made of material except steel, you need to look for hollows in the crown and around the clubhead’s perimeter.

Check shafts

The graphite shaft should not have any indentation or worn area since these signify potential weakness in the golf club, which may result in breakage. You can test the torque when you rotate the grip and move in opposite directions. If you do not feel much resistance, it signifies weakness. If you hold a steel shaft, you can look downward to the shaft in order to make sure that it is not bent back to its shape. You need to ensure that the shafts of a set are same so that you get similar feeling in every shot.

Check grips

You must look for splits, worn areas, and cracks in the club’s grip so that you do not have to re-grip your clubs immediately. If you have to re-grip your clubs, you will have to shell out somewhere between $5- $15 for each club.

Check Consistency

Align all the clubs of a set on the ground and compare them. All of them must be identical to each other. You should not settle for a set, which contains different types of shaft or different models for each club. The progression of length in clubs should be normal.

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