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10 Must Know Facts About The Royal St. George’s Golf Club

The Royal St. George’s is a linksland golf course on the Kentish coast near the town of Sandwich. This unique course is labeled as one among the most iconic courses in the whole of England, yet the funny thing is that most golfers hate playing here. So, what’s so unique about the Royal St. George’s Golf Club? Let’s explore.

Royal St. George’s – Must know facts

  1. The Royal St. George’s course is the basis of the imaginary Royal St. Marks golf course in Ian Fleming’s seventh James Bond book ‘Goldfinger’. The creator of the 007 was for years a member of the iconic club. It’s said that the day before he died, Ian Fleming had lunch at the club.
  2. Royal St. George’s has so far hosted 13 Open Championships, which is the oldest of the four major championships for golf pros. In 1894, it hosted its first Open Championship, and by doing so it became the first non-Scottish club to host The Open. Curtis Cup, Walker Cup, British Amateur Championships, and PGA have all been held here.
  3. The golf course was designed by William Laidlaw Purves in the year 1887. Over the years the course has evolved to suit the changing times, but still golfers can experience the traditional charm and feel.
  4. The Prince’s Golf Club and Royal Cinque Ports Club, both venues have previously hosted The Open Championship and are not too far away from Royal St. George’s.
  5. Playing on this golf course is a challenge most golfers don’t cherish. The reason is the playing conditions here. The golf course has a large number of bunkers. The 15th hole alone has seven bunkers. Moreover, the greens here are small with large dips and slopes.
  6. The weather here is unbelievable. It’s too windy and cold, even in the month of May – the time when spring gives way to summer.
  7. The Royal St. George course is home to the deepest bunker, which is on its 4th hole.
  8. Both members and visitors can take full advantage of the facilities at the club. The golf club offers driving range (open air type), practice putting green (with bunkers), practice nets, and pitching area.
  9. The pro shop is stocked with a wide range of golf products and there are professionals readily available to tutor and advice on any aspect of the game.
  10. One of the things you’ll learn by playing at this golf club is what the course teaches you about yourself and life. When the odds are against you, don’t give up; face the challenge, keep trying till you master the conditions.

Irrespective of the challenges the Royal St. George’s is so good that you must add it to your shortlist of courses to visit.

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