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Quick Tips On How To Carry Out A Downhill Chip Shot

One of the scariest shots in golf is a chip, even from a short distance to the green or the pin itself when you are looking at a steep slope ahead. The last thing you want to do is to stop on the shot completely and not move your ball or any distance at all. However you likewise don’t want the ball racing past the flag to leave yourself even further away for your next shot. At the same time you don’t want to be too greedy. If there is a spot on the green that you think gives you a good chance of getting down in two more as a minimum, perhaps that is where to head for?


You first of all need to adapt your stance. It is likely you will be standing on the same slope down which your ball needs to travel. You need to make sure your shoulders are parallel to the gradient which will mean your front shoulder will be lower than your back one. Your weight should be towards the front.


Every chip shot involves initial judgement. You must decide how far you wish the ball to fly and what roll you then expect to get. Even professionals who would normally want to carry the ball right to the pin and create spin to effectively make it stop dead would be very hard pressed to achieve that with a downhill slope of any severity. If you are in rough and want the ball to land softly and therefore not hurry past the pin:

  • Take your most lofted wedge. This is the club that will give you the most help in cutting the ball airborne yet if you play the ball correctly it will also land softly.
  • You need a narrow stance with the ball perhaps slightly back of middle.
  • Your club face needs to be slightly open.
  • Your hands should be slightly ahead of the ball.
  • Take a short backswing, bringing the club down fairly steeply into the ball, accelerating slightly into the ball.
  • You only need a fairly short follow through.

Some amateurs find a lofted wedge the most difficult club in the bag despite the help the loft provides. It need not be so as long as they keep their head down. Thinning the ball is always a fear but with practice that can be avoided and the downhill chip a negotiable shot.

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