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A Guide to Effective Chipping: Ball Position Tips

It is very crucial to position the ball correctly

Many amateur golfers confuse the position of the ball with their own position. The position of the ball means its placement in relation to the feet or stance of the golfer. It varies depending upon the kind of desired trajectory and the kind of club the golfer is using. If the ball has to be hit higher, the ball will be positioned more forward to the stance. If the ball has to be hit lower, it will be placed closer to the back foot. We have mentioned a few tips to alter the position of your ball. These tips can make significant changes to your game.

  1. Position the ball so that it is in line with the center of the chest. You will be able to make a solid contact with this position. If your club reaches its bottom’s arc before it reaches the ball, you can stroke the ball with the lower edge of your club. You can send your ball over the greens if you hit the ball this way. You would like to reach the golf ball with your club while it is still in motion down towards the course.
  2. Hit down the ball to make it fly. Your golf club should hit the back side of the ball, much before the club touches the turf. The club will automatically hit the ground after it hits the ball. It is fine if you have kept the ball farther in the stance. There are many good golfers who hit the golf ball off their rear foot. It is best that you find the best suitable position yourself. But, it is recommended that you do not move the ball away or ahead of the sternum.
  3. If the ball is too forward of the sternum, it will result in irregular contact with the ball. You might hit in different ways every time, which is strictly not advised in golf. You can lower your scores only if you are consistent at hitting the ball. Position the ball in line with the sternum. It makes your body slide sideways. It is not necessary that you make this movement but it makes the swing timing harder. You must keep your golf ball position correctly and you will not face any such problem.
  4. If you hit half the ball, it will also result in an irregular shot. This is also called a bladed shot. It means that the edge of your club hits the center of your ball placed on the tee. This contact is very difficult to control. You must practice diligently to control such a shot. Bladed shot might result in hitting the ball over greens. You will have to hit a chip shot again. You can place the golf ball slightly further inside the stance but not forward.

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