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10 Things To Expect From The Oceanico Old Golf Course

The Oceanico Old Golf Course is known as one of Portugal’s top golf courses. The course has great views of plenty of trees and grass. As a parkland course the design is unique in nature and gives golfers a run for their money. The course offers a wide selection of services including putting green, driving range, and golf shop to name a few. To really get an idea of what to expect here are 10 things to consider about Oceanio Old Golf Course.

  1. Tight fairways. Many holes feature long fairways that are not as wide as some players are used to. This means you are more likely to hit the ball toward an object if your distance and control ability needs work.
  2. Holes strategically placed testing accuracy. There are holes that look easy but players quickly find out they have a level of difficulty with them. The course design keeps things interesting.
  3. Great condition for the price. There are players that feel the course is in great condition, while others feel it could be worked on in certain areas. It may depend on the time of year but overall the course looks inviting and serene.
  4. Most holes offer a good challenge. You have various opportunities to drive the ball down the fairway, but be mindful of play strategies and how you approach certain holes. Be prepared.
  5. You’re likely to hit a tree. The Oceanico Old Golf Course is a beautiful parkland course with many trees. There are several wholes surrounded by trees or there are fairways with an abundance of trees lined along the way. The ball can get lost quick if it doesn’t go toward its target.
  6. Slow greens due to longer grass. Many players say they noticed the greens are slow, but it didn’t bother their game. This is something to take note of it you are used to playing faster greens.
  7. It helps to be a good putter with ability to hit straight. A few shots will require a good eye, aim and accuracy in distance.
  8. Windy conditions make it more challenging. Many fairways with trees experience more wind. Play accordingly.
  9. The course features a few dogleg layout holes with the 11th having higher levels of difficulty.
  10. Few holes feature slopes and downhills to be aware of. Some holes have more slopes than you think.

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