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Visiting The Quinta Da Ria Golf Course: 5 Interesting Facts

Let’s be honest about one thing, playing golf or having a love for the game of golf is not a cost effective thing. If one looks at it from the financial point of view, one has to admit that playing golf means spending a lot of money in a lot of stuff. For example, when you buy the equipment to play the game, the price of the clubs alone will make you scream. Paying such a huge amount of money to buy the equipment is not something everyone is comfortable doing. On the other hand, the equipment of golf doesn’t only include the clubs. Rather one has to buy a lot of other things along with the main equipment. the money spending activity doesn’t end here! After buying the equipments, you will have to look for a place where you would be able to play the game. A golf course most probably? Most of the golf courses come with an amazing range of facilities. Along with the facilities, they also come up with a huge membership fee that you need to pay in order to play the game there. One of the most amazing golf courses available to the golf lovers is Quinta da Ria golf course. If you want to know more about this golf course, read the bellow stated five interesting facts about it.

  1. Dual facility:
  2. The fact that Quinta da Ria golf course comes with two golf courses in it is amazing. Da Ria And Da Cima are the names of the golf courses that Quinta da Ria golf course has in it. This helps the golf lovers to play their beloved game in a much larger space.

  3. No sand:
  4. The presence of lots of sands in the bunkers leads to the possibility of a bogus shot hit by the golfer. The high quantity of bogus shits lead to irritate a person he gets fed up. In Quinta da Ria golf course, you will rarely see a sand filled bunker making the game easier for you.

  5. Abundant holes:
  6. The wayward shots made by a golfer would not go vein and there are plenty of holes available in the golf course that help the player to go for extra balls. If you are a handicapper, there can be no better place for you than Quinta da Ria golf course.

  7. The staff:
  8. When it comes to talking about the amazing facilities provided by Quinta da Ria golf course, one must admit that the staff of the golf course is extremely friendly and gracious. The services that you ask for reach you as soon as you request them and this is something that makes Quinta da Ria golf course quite interesting.

  9. Intelligent bunkering:
  10. Water hazards have been used in the best possible manner by the Quinta da Ria golf course. You can see at least 16 of them over here and these holes will defiantly make you a better player.

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