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How To Deal With A Downhill Lie On The Golf Course

A downhill lie can be a challenge as it can be harder for you to get your ball to take in some air time. That doesn’t mean a downhill lie has to get the best of you. There are a few things you can do to get a good shot running even when on a downhill lie. These can be used to make it easier for your shot to be completed without anything being far too complicated or otherwise difficult.

Keep the Downswing Sharp

The downswing has to be kept as sharp as possible. This is to give your club clear contact with the ball. You can use a few steps to make this possible:

  • Keep your shoulders are parallel to the slope as possible. You cannot keep your shoulders askew or else you will be tilting yourself back, thus causing you to hit behind your ball.
  • Use a lofted club while keeping your hands down by a few inches around the shaft to give yourself more control.
  • Use gravity’s pull during the downswing to keep the club moving.
  • Keep your feet wider apart than usual.
  • Play about two or three inches further back from the ball than what you are used to hitting it with.

Watch for your downswing so you will have a better sense of control. The downswing, when paired with a good controlled upswing, can help you keep contact with the ball without struggling with how you are hitting it.

Aim Slightly Left

The problem with most downhill shots is that they tend to go to the right. This is due to your arms being extended down the slope. This is especially as the face is open during the impact. You should aim slightly to the left to give yourself an easier time with getting off a clean shot. This in turn ensures that your shot will be a little easier to handle as you are trying to make good contact.

Choosing the Club

The club should be one that can create a good loft. The hill that you are shooting off of will cancel out the loft, thus ensuring that the shot will move out just fine without being too hard to follow through on as you complete the swing.

Be sure to review the downhill nature of your lie before you make your shot. Check on it as carefully as possible so you will keep a good shot running without worrying about the ball’s trajectory being impacted too much.

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