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An Overview Of Vale De Milho Golf Course In Portugal

Traditional Portugal

The Vale d Miho course is located near the village of Carvoeiro so visitors can soak up some traditional Portuguese culture when they are not striping iron shorts towards the flags. Of course, for those seeking savings as well as low score, there are discounts for groups, juniors, package deals, etc., if you want to play multiple rounds.

Good things come in small packages

Pitching and putting is the key to low scores as an advanced player so a 9-hole course like Vale de Milho gives low - handicap players the chance to work on their short game. Aside from the course itself, there are also 9 holes of pitch to give golfers even more opportunities to get their game around the greens to a pro level.

Back to school

If you are a complete beginner and you don't think you are even ready for the short 9-hole course, you can get introduced to the game at the Vale de Milho golf school. You can have private lessons and enjoy 1-to-1 tuition with the professional or if you want to save some money and enjoy the experience with friends or family, you can join the golf clinic and get an introduction to the game in a couple of hours.

Lessons with the professional are not just restricted to the driving range, you can even get out on the course with the pro and play a few holes together. Having a "playing lesson" in this way will teach you the etiquette of the game, the rules of golf, course management and safety out on the course.

Something for everyone

Very few course can satisfy 'hobby" golfers who just want to enjoy the day, and players who are very serious about the game and want to improve their pitching, putting and chipping.

Even though the Vale de Milho course is short and doesn't have the length to mimic a full-length course, the course has plenty of bunkers, water and undulations to make you feel that you are out on an 18-hole course.

The perfect holiday course

Playing the Vale de Milho course is a great way to spend an afternoon if you are on a regular holiday and not on a golfing holiday because:

  1. a) You don't need many clubs to play that course, just a few short irons and a putter will be enough and

  2. b) You can easily hire clubs at the course

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