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The Tried And True Technique To Fade A Golf Ball

Have you ever learned how to fade a golf ball? What are some of the things that you might have heard about this tactic? Have you given it some thought and figured out whether you too are able to get it done just as much as everyone else does? Well, fading a ball is a technique that a lot of people would love to get in on.

It is not necessarily one of those tactics that you learn about and freak out, because it sounds rather difficult. Instead, it is one of the tactics that you come across, and before long you will be able to practice it and perfect it. Ideally there is not much that is difficult when you are learning to fade a golf ball. However, what matters most for you is to ensure that as long as you are playing this, you keep training hard until you perfect it.

The following are some really simple ways that will assist you perfect your game as you learn to play the fade ball properly.

  • Open your stance
  • Set up properly
  • Weaken your grip

Open your stance

This happens to be one of the most important steps in getting this shot right, but most players will not get it right at all. When we say you keep your stance open, what we mean is that you should have your feet, shoulders and hips all aiming slightly to the left of the target.

The main reason for doing this is to allow you to make a complete swing path for the club, without any hindrances whatsoever. It will also allow you to spin the ball in a clockwise motion.

Set up properly

Setting up goes hand in hand with making the right adjustment to your grip. Consider the manner in which you normally handle the grip. Most of the time those who have a tight grip will hook the ball. This means that you have your hands turned to the right side of your grip. Other than that if you are keen, you will be able to see all three knuckles that are on the left of your hand.

Weaken your grip

For you to make this shot, it is mandatory that you weaken your grip appropriately. Try and have your left hand slightly turned to the left side of your grip.

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