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Why You Should Visit The Laranjal Golf Course

Well-defined greenery and narrow fairways

If you are looking for an excellent golfing experience, you must give Laranjal golf course in Quinta do Lago a whirl. It is one of Portugal’s finest golf courses and was founded on 16 February 2009. It was even voted as the best golf course at the Portuguese Travel Awards in 2011.

This 18-hole championship course is both challenging and beautiful to look at, as it surrounded by cork and orange trees as well as five beautiful lakes. You are guaranteed to have an excellent putting experience throughout the year as Bermuda grass is sown on the spectacular fairways while for the greens, Penn A4 is used.


You will need to concentrate and pay attention, to be able to navigate, this 72-par golf course that is 6, 480 in length. It has five par 5s holes as well as five par 3s and eight par 4s. The signature hole of the Laranjal golf course is the 16th par 5. The surface is flat and does not have any severe slopes on the course. Designed by Jorge Santana da Silva, this course will require a lot of strategizing and accuracy in order to maneuver it.

Their price range varies from €99- €120, depending on what season it is and you are also given a buggy. What also separates this golf course from others is the extra one-shot and three holes, whereas other courses across the world generally have a 4-4-10 configuration. The golf carts have GPS to help you navigate your way through the course. It also has water and towels to help you keep refreshed and fit.

Which are the best holes of the course?

Laranjal has some tough but beautiful holes that are perfect to play on. Of these, the 6th is a difficult one because of the left to right sloping fairways and you need to hit the shots from a height as the green on this hole has been raised.

On the 9th hole, you need to avoid the water on the left to play your shot, while the best hole is the 16th hole that is par-5 and is a hole over water. Among the par 3s, your best bet is the 11th as it is long and has sand and water to help you carry your shot to reach the green. The 18th, par 5 hole can be avoided, as it is a little long and not as challenging as the rest.

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