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Five Pieces Of Information For Golfers On Wedge Distance Control

Wedge distance control can take time to master. Many golfers want to be able to hit the ball within range without going too far from their target. Few shots golfers have issues with when it comes to wedge distance are shots within 120 yards. Start off working on shorter distances and move up toward further ones. To do this, you need to understand your needs and make a plan to make it happen. Here are five pieces of information to consider when working on wedge distance control.

  1. How are you setting up for the shot? Review elements of your setup and make changes accordingly. Some suggest you should work to be consistent when setting up. Meaning, you should be using the same position each time for this play. Practice making changes to your setup to find an option to give the best results.
  2. Is your body in line with the target? Make sure your body is in line with the target. Parts of the body such as shoulders, hips, and feet should be in line while being parallel to your target. Check alignment of your body after setting up for the shot. Poor alignment can lead to a poor shot. This is another aspect to consider practicing when doing practice shots.
  3. Check positioning of the ball before you hit. Ball position is an important aspect since how your club comes into contact can make a difference. It is suggested to consider setting up with the ball at mid-heel. You are working to open hips a little while helping create solid contact with the ball when you swing.
  4. Think about the face of a clock when you take the shot. When you begin the play your club is at 6:30. As you go into your backswing your club should move to 9 o’clock for a half swing and 10:30 for a full swing. As you follow through your club should come down and up around for a complete follow through.
  5. Be sure to follow through when swinging and hold it. Some players may follow through but not holding it could affect distance and accuracy. Your lead leg is still throughout the shot, and your other foot comes up slightly at a pivot with your knee bending slightly. This is a good form to have that lets you know your swing is complete.

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