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Advice On Planning A Golf Getaway At Millennium Golf Course

With so many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on which golf courses to play in the Algarve region of Portugal, it is often difficult to just find that exact resort that has everything that you want on offer.

Luckily, when it comes to golfing resorts, the Vilamoura really has everything including a number of excellent courses such as the Millennium golf course, a popular golfing attraction in the region.

But what do you need to factor in when planning on a golfing getaway at a resort such as Vilamoura and a course such as the Millennium. Let’s take a closer look.

Where to stay

Well, it goes without saying that you probably are going to stay in the Vilamoura golf resort itself or one of the many other surrounding hotels, such as the Dom Pedro golf hotel. When deciding on your location, do a little bit of research. You can often find one venue offering slightly cheaper prices than the other, just so as to attract those visitors who do care about saving on their accommodation.

Just play one course or a few?

If you have your heart set on playing just the Millennium golf course, well that’s fine. This course, opened in 2000 has a rich history and originally started out as part of the 27-hole Laguna golf course. It was eventually given another 9 holes to become a challenging par 72 layout. The course itself has varied holes, from challenging narrow fairways lined with pine trees to more open holes surrounded by beautiful lakes. The Millennium is a simply stunning course and has a range of facilities including excellent practice facilities (driving range and putting greens), bar and restaurant and a golf shop.

That said, it is not the only course in close proximity. You should decide well before your visit if you will indeed play other courses in the region including La Guna or the Old Course at Vilamoura. This decision could help save on green fees should you choose to book well in advance which might give you enough money for yet another round!

No doubt, whichever courses you choose to play, the Millennium will remain a focal point. It is renowned as one of the best golf courses in the Algarve, if not in Portugal and Europe.

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